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Welcome to our Distribution and Sales Agency.

We are a group of experienced traveling sales representatives in all Eastern Canada (and Expending). Privileged,we have built great business relationships with several of the best retail selling locations from Toronto / Ottawa to Halifax. From large Head-Offices to simple store owners, we visit and adapt the servicing, sales and carry great lines of products, from our products to other several companies that are interested in partnership to expend their sales in other regions of the country.

We are always looking for great ideas, great customers, partners and exclusivities. Our goal is to be able to present and offer best deals and sales increasing for our customers.

Please Contact us for Business Expending Opportunities, Distribution, Buying, Close-Outs, Wholesales Deals, Online Ordering and direct Store Servicing.


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Our Customers:

Convenience Stores, Tabagies, Deps, Dollar-Stores, Smoke-Shops, Hardware, Gift Shop, Wholesalers , Distributors & other Specialized Stores.

Our Products:
High Volume Items, National Brands, Lighters, Health & Beauty, Household, Hardware, Batteries, Blades, Gift-wares, Sponges, Smoking Access., Electronic Cigarettes, Food, Chocolates, Candies, Toys.
New Products, Liquidations & Deals, Promotions & More...

High Volume Store use Supplies and unique products.